Hate that you make me so mad

I have never been the type that gets bothered by what other people do. But now that I have to be responsible for these idiots? How can I be the youngest one on my crew, with less experience than others and be considered the best one to be in charge?? You guys are SERIOUSLY THAT BAD. wonder why you got demoted? Even though you’ve been here 20+ years and think you know everything? ….because you’re lazy, whiney, and just plain mean. You complain about everybody..while you pull the same kind of crap.

5 ways to deal with an angry boss

Let’s be honest there are going to be days when your manager/boss is angry and it can difficult to get your job done so here are five ways to deal with an angry boss.

Let’s be honest there are going to be days when your manager/boss is angry and it can difficult to get your job done so here are five ways to deal with an angry boss.

  1. Become invisible. This is the hardest thing to do but if you can stay out of the war path of your boss than you won’t feel the wrath.
  2. Become the best friend. This is the complete opposite of #1  and will make you privilege to some information about your coworkers – this can backfire down the road.
  3. Become the go-to worker. This one is tough because you’ll get slammed with work but can be beneficial down the road, if you can make it.
  4. Become the solution. This is great if you can figure out WHAT exactly is making your boss angry.
  5. Become the focal point of the aggression. Yes, seriously. If you can divert the anger to you and off your coworkers you could be the office hero, but beware as this could backfire…and get you fired. That’s why its last.

Do you have a situation where your boss is angry and want to vent? Tell your story and let everyone know how you cope with it or you can read others stories of their boss here.

Leave me alone

If someone already called 911, why do I have to call 911 also? It was a staff member who already called. But from here on out, I’ll be calling 911 even if someone has done it already. It was two kids fighting. Two. Fucking. Kids. No weapons. Nothing. How much police did we need? The security guard was there who is a cop. Why in the hell did he call 911 too? But I promise to do my part and tie up the lines to prevent someone else from getting through who needs help. But in the other safety training it was said that you weren’t supposed to have a thousand people call 911. You only hire the best and they can’t do shit to help. Are you serious? Fuck you dude.

The bosses daughter

Oh how nice it must be to show up to work whenever (but lie on your time card), leave work for whatever (but lie on your time card), and do whatever while on company time. A typical day consists of coming in 10-20 minutes late, huffing and puffing, whining about this and that. Then hauling your fat ass back to your card table of a desk and getting on your computer for hours wasted on Facebook or Zulily. Always keeping Microsoft Excel minimized so when your dad comes in, it looks like you’re actually doing some work. Whining about what foods you can’t and cannot eat and making others feel guilty about it during company lunches. Always snitching on others and throwing them under the bus but you don’t bother to follow the rules. Whatever minor inconvenience you have on the road or in 7-Eleven (let’s not forget you can take your fat ass to 7-Eleven every morning to get a sandwich and a coffee but can’t get to work on time) you have to share with the office as if we give a flying fuck. Oh and the cherry on top, you bring your kids into work and pawn them off on others so you can screw off. How nice to collect a free check while doing nothing at all! Might as well be a welfare recipient…you’re no better than the people who sponge off the government.


When I get stressed, the littlest things bother me. I get annoyed at everyone. I have a coworker who loves attention, and loves to feel depended on. She also talks about people behind their backs. It can weigh on a person. I found myself really starting to hate her these last couple of weeks.
However, after reading the stories on this site, I realized how misguided I am. So what if she likes attention? So what if she talks about people? I am not in charge of her. There are so many things she does well. So what if she has unpleasant character traits, as well? Don’t we all?

There’s so much good in this world. So much good in MY LIFE! Why spend my time on things that upset me? That I have no control over?

I’m going to go in to work each day always looking for the good. There are plenty of people at work that are kind and hard-working. I just gotta shrug it off and go hang out with them.

Thanks, hatemycoworkers.com! You showed me how not to be! =)