June 16, 2009


Welcome to the new 9 to 5 Life

Yes…yes, you do. Everyone does every once and again. It’s just when you work around people for so long all.day.long you can start to loathe those around you. It might be an everyday thing that you hate a coworker or just a situation that makes you want to ‘go postal’.

What Is This Site?

Well, as I mentioned above – you hate your coworkers at some time during the day/week/month/year so where do you air your frustrations?

*light bulb*

This site is the one place you came to ANONYMOUSLY and speak your mind.

How Is This Site Private?

It’s pretty simple – we all work in a cubicle so the last thing we want to do is blast your email / i.p. address to the public. Everything is held in confidential databases and will not be shared with the general public.

What Can You Post?

Well, you hate your coworkers but the last thing we want to hear / read is real names, extreme vulgar language or explicit acts of violence. We know you dream it and in confession so do we but the last thing we want to happen is make it come to fruitation.

Got Questions?

Still got a question – use the contact form and remember to reference “HateMyCoWorkers” in the subject line.