stupid bitchy coworkers

*this post is brought to you from fed up* 

Hi, well where do i begin? First of all having been in a job that i absolutly hated i finally found a new job which i enjoy but my coworkers are making it so fucking difficult for me. I work in an environment where we take incoming calls so if i ever make a mistake they jump on it like fucking rotweilers and go on about it and just take the piss. They laugh at me all the time. They sit next tohother all the time so they areconstantly whispering to eachother making sure i dont hear. They will happily talk to eachother but not me. Sometimes i get a feeling they are racist. Seriously. I get excluded all the time. Threy ask eachother to lunch all the time but not me why??? . Its not fair, i really like this job but all that happens is that i get taken the piss out of.

Shut Up!!!!

Oh my goodness, if I have to hear about that kid of yours one more time I’m going hurt you.  I know you’re disappointed because your kid is a total screw-up, but you really need to take a step back and drop the rope.  The entire office is so tired of having to hear the latest installment of “Poor Me, I’m the Best Mom with the Worst Child Ever”.  When it takes 1 1/2 hours to go around to everyone here, and go over the story at least five times complete with tears each time (you must really  be dehydrated), maybe it’s time to dip into that accrued leave and take some time off to regroup.  We’re tired of picking up your slack.


Ok, your job only requires you to do one maybe two different things, and heaven forbid you’re asked a question about anything else that goes on in this office. You have no idea how ignorant you sound, “I don’t know, I don’t work with that.” My job has me doing 15 – 20 different tasks each day and I still am able to answer the phone. People send phone calls to you because they know just how little you do around here, and want to give the rest of us a break. Don’t whine about how you’re getting too many phone calls. I would love to be a fly on the wall when I’m gone for three days during one of our busiest times. You’ll be all alone and will actually have to do work! I feel sorry for the rest of the office who will have to listen to your complaints, poor “overworked” you.

Just Go Away Already!!

You can’t come in on time, come back from lunch or break on time, and can’t sit at your desk to do your job for more than 5 minutes at a time.  There’s always some major drama going on with you that you have to tell everyone over and over about whether it’s in the office or on your cell.  We’re all so tired of hearing about it and just wish you’d shut up and do some work.  You think you’re golden, but baby, a new boss is comin’ to town.  I can hardly wait.

Snake in the grass

I have a coworker/ass manager that is a total scumbag. The kind of guy that kisses ass, throws fellow coworkers under the bus to make himself look good, gets people in trouble/fired for the same mistakes he himself makes. Just a total douche of a human being. Oh, and he’s had sex with one of our other coworkers
(I’ve seen others do this and get demoted, sometimes transferred), which was brought to the attention of the boss and then quietly ignored and swept under the rug.

He’s an incredibly lazy bare minimum kind of worker, but he’s got our boss and a few other employees wrapped around his finger. How he manages to do this is a mystery to me. How the other people here can’t see through his bullshit drives me nuts.

I’m at my wits end with this clown, but there’s nothing I can do about it, he’s got everyone fooled but me, along with a few others. Unfortunately he’s kissed the bosses ass so hard that she can find no fault in him, even though his bullshit has made this work environment a way less pleasant place to work.