The bosses daughter

Oh how nice it must be to show up to work whenever (but lie on your time card), leave work for whatever (but lie on your time card), and do whatever while on company time. A typical day consists of coming in 10-20 minutes late, huffing and puffing, whining about this and that. Then hauling your fat ass back to your card table of a desk and getting on your computer for hours wasted on Facebook or Zulily. Always keeping Microsoft Excel minimized so when your dad comes in, it looks like you’re actually doing some work. Whining about what foods you can’t and cannot eat and making others feel guilty about it during company lunches. Always snitching on others and throwing them under the bus but you don’t bother to follow the rules. Whatever minor inconvenience you have on the road or in 7-Eleven (let’s not forget you can take your fat ass to 7-Eleven every morning to get a sandwich and a coffee but can’t get to work on time) you have to share with the office as if we give a flying fuck. Oh and the cherry on top, you bring your kids into work and pawn them off on others so you can screw off. How nice to collect a free check while doing nothing at all! Might as well be a welfare recipient…you’re no better than the people who sponge off the government.


When I get stressed, the littlest things bother me. I get annoyed at everyone. I have a coworker who loves attention, and loves to feel depended on. She also talks about people behind their backs. It can weigh on a person. I found myself really starting to hate her these last couple of weeks.
However, after reading the stories on this site, I realized how misguided I am. So what if she likes attention? So what if she talks about people? I am not in charge of her. There are so many things she does well. So what if she has unpleasant character traits, as well? Don’t we all?

There’s so much good in this world. So much good in MY LIFE! Why spend my time on things that upset me? That I have no control over?

I’m going to go in to work each day always looking for the good. There are plenty of people at work that are kind and hard-working. I just gotta shrug it off and go hang out with them.

Thanks,! You showed me how not to be! =)

The second day is always better than the first…bull!!!

So, I’ve been training at a fast food restaurant. Today was my second day. The first day of training went perfectly. I was trained by an awesome dude who understands that I have anxiety and a slight learning disability. (I can work hard but only when I start off slow to get myself in the right groove, making burgers and deserts, still struggling a bit with the fryers.) He totally understood and helped me along. Within the first hour on day one of training, I start to develop my groove. The rest of my training went great. I left work with a huge smile on my face.

Now fast forward two days later, this is my second training day. (I have never worked in fast food before now.) I have another guy training me. He pushed me to go fast than I can handle and I start to mess up a little, all easy fixes to go about my day, but this guy is a huge asshole. Before I can easily fix my mistakes, he starts shouting at me in Spanish, which confused me and threw me from my groove I had from the first day, more because I only know English and only a few basic words in Spanish. He tells me to do something else, even though I told him I can fix my mistakes in a second. He was very adamant about me moving on to something else. (Understandable, this is fast food after all, so I brush it off.) I come back to the fryers, which I told him I need help with what food goes where and what buttons to push. Then he gets angry and asks me in the most condescending tone ever: “what, is this your first day or something?”
To which I reply:”kind of, this is only my second day of training and I only have 3 hours of experience under my belt.”
He halfassed an apology and for the rest of the day he was on my ass when I didn’t need his help, but made me feel like shit when I ask for his help when needed, even to the point where he was talking shit about me to the rest of the coworkers who also spoke spanish, leaving me with my work groove completely thrown off. I thought coworkers weee there to help you, especially on training days, not belittle you Infront of the rest of the workers until you are almost in tears.
I even told him that I have anxiety and that he needs to take it a bit easy on me. Only to get the reply:”anxiety? What’s that!?!” When I tried to explain it to him he resides to walk away and ignore me. That always hurts when people brush of my disability, yes it is a real disability you judgemental bastards, it makes me feel like I’m completely worthless, which is what anyone would feel in the same situation. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to leave.
I screwed up on things because this asshole wouldn’t stop or even care to understand. Even after he knew it was only my second day of training.
So now I’m off to prove him wrong. I know its gonna take alot to hold back from puking and crying, even though that’s physically and mentally out of my control and tolerate this asshole until he realizes what a dick he is to me. He could possibly gete fired for hosbbad report on me, of course probably leaving out all of his wrong doings, but if that happens so be it. I’m not giving up and I’m gonna work my ass off, if I get fired it wouldn’t be without me doing my best and fighting to do better. If my manager believes his half true report then I’ll just have to leave. I have a couple back up jobs already in mind just incase. The job I have now has excellent pay, but is it really worth my mental health? I don’t think so, so at this point I’m gonna do my best and whatever happens, happens.

Wish me luck….

Snake Pit of Jealous Females

My workplace is teeming with insecure, jealous, and vain females that simply cannot let another female work in peace. And its all supported by our male management 110%. Its like entering a war zone of hostility and resentment every single day. Black women, white women, Asian women, Hispanic women…..its ALL the same, ALL the time, everywhere. “Working While Female” is actually of thing. There is no such thing as being permitted to simply come to work, to work. Other females will have none of it. Females cannot resist spreading rumors, suggesting nonsense as though it were true, pitting others against women, violating professional boundaries, lying, sabotaging, threatening, whining, prying, lying, sizing up other females’ as sexual competition. I haven’t traveled much, but I just can’t imagine any other country with a more misogynistic group of women than the United States has. Jealous, resentful females must permeate like every workplace. Can’t get away from them. They simply cannot stand to see another woman succeed. I think it must kill them inside worse than I can wrap my own head around. How dare women talk about glass ceilings when they themselves are THE glass ceiling. Jealous as hell. Backstabbing, two-faced, dramatic, histrionic, narcissistic, violent, vulgar, entitled. My dream job would be one where there was not a single female in the workspace. I used to be a feminist, but no more. I’ve woken up and realized who the real oppressors of women are. It’s jealous females. Period. And they’re EVERYWHERE. They are moms, sisters, wives, grandmas, colleges and high school ages. All ages, all colors. Its always the same. American women are on fire with hatred toward successful women. If you’re not from the U.S., does this describe your country too? Are vile women just in the U.S. or is it a biologically ingrained thing common to women all over the globe? Any one from another country notice this about women in their native country? would love to know

You can’t spell c*nt without U in it

I work with two coworkers who happens to be best friends outside of work. The one member, we’ll call her “Sarah” can get away with shit, but IF I do the same thing that Sarah does, I’ll get in trouble by Sarah’s bestie “Melinda.” The last straw was when “Cathy ” my so called supervisor addressed the issue that I needed to inform my “team” that I was sent home… for having a FUCKING panic attack. That’s her fucking job to do it! It was bad enough that I was rushed to the hospital because I confused it with a heart attack. On top of the fact that Melinda was writing me up on the low because she failed to communicate with me on how she wants a specific task to be handled so she passive aggressively worked on it herself… but she didn’t forget to tell me how pissy she was about her boyfriend didn’t let the whole world know that they were in a relationship all over social media… and the cunt is in her 60’s. I can’t make this shit up. I guarantee that if Sarah didn’t do a task, it would be dirt off her shoulders and no write up what’s so ever. I hope to never work at a female dominated environment again so fuck Melinda, fuck her bestie, and fuck my supervisor. I quit!