Watch It I’ll Get You Fired

Now that I have your attention I just wanted to give thanks to all those of you whom have visited the site and made it what it is today. I still consider the site still in the works as I am always having problems with it. Nonetheless you guys always cheer me up with your stories of coworkers which I truly do appreciate. I am getting some good feedback on what the contests should be about and I am working with another site to do some cross promotion.

Don’t worry it all has to with work and everything that goes with it. I’ll speak more on it probably in the next two weeks. This other site let me know they were interested awhile back but work got in the way on my side to actually do something with them. This time around we are actually nailing down concrete items for you: the READER!

Real quick: there is a reason for the title, someone sent me a link to a site where I Hate My Co-Workers was featured and I was literally dying. This site was created just to bitch and moan about your job. I didn’t think anyone would actually write about it…well, here you go. Thank you SPOT for the write up on being one of the Top 10 Website That Will Get You Fired. Now our site made it…barely at #10 – I’d like to get to the number #1 spot but that’s just the competitor in me I guess.

As always send over your stories and share ’em with others who feel your pain. Remember it doesn’t JUST have to be your coworker it can be about your boss as well…let the flood gates open.

Also, a quick thank you to Jaye for the nice note regarding the “authors” topic – I think I will add a drop down menu if people want to have their nicknames displayed in there story. I’ve gotten some request though to remove names so I think this will work for everyone involved. Thanks for the input I do appreciate the heads up. Keep it coming!

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