The ass’s are in hospital’s too.

I work at a job where the so called boss who dosen’t even have a clue on any thing. Makes her decision’s personal based on only if she likes you she will let you have the best hours at work which I think is so bias. I go to work not to make friends but to do a job the manager thought that I could do. I was not hired because of my attitude or looks. Or so I thought. When I ask for M-F all of a sudden they don’t make slots to fit my schedule they have moved six people to just M-F positions so I know darn well they can fit me in a schedule to work only M-F after working only weekends for over 4 years I feel I do have the right to now work M-F,40 hours a week. How and where do I go to get my share of the pie? I already went through chain of command with only her reply being “I have to side with management” my question to that is why the hell do we have to go through chain of command then? Is there help out there for me being treated so badly by a boss just because she so choices too? Others have gone to HR and they got fired soon after that. This is why I haven’t gone. Same thing with the hotline to complain also caused others to be fired. Getting another job is not an option due to recession going on still. I need help getting the schedule I need too. Also they have these points if you are late or have to call in you will get fired also if you make just one mistake you will also be fired. Is this fair………………really?

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