Coffee Nazi

This post brought to you by Jaye

Can I enjoy making my coffee without you having to stand behind me getting ready to pounce on the poor coffee pot?  I could feel your breath on the side of my neck!  As I begin to pour the wonderful liquid into my cup I can’t put it down fast enough before you grab it! Is it a pot of gold????
I bet you could still feel the warm spot on the handle where my hand was! Thank goodness I did my meditation  this morning before I came to work-otherwise I may have karate chopped you in your pudgy neck! I barely had time to notice that there were grounds in the coffee, I wanted to make another pot, but my goodness,NO!  You grabbed the pot, poured it in your cup, flipped up the lid when you saw the grounds in your cup and practically pushed me out of the way to get to a new bag of coffee in the cabinet!  All this while-talking to yourself!!! Is good morning too difficult for you to utter??
I totally understand Michael Douglas going whacko in the movie, Fallen Down, enough is enough! Don’t make me demonstrate…

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