It’s My FOOD!

I’ve brought in the same lunch bag for the past 5 years and even put my name on it. You’ve seen it in there for 5 years and for some reason you decide today is the day you’re going to steal from me.

Okay, you wanna do this? Everyday you steal my lunch I’m taking something from you. I had two sandwich’s, apple, banana, and a granola bar. That adds up to 5 things.

Try to find your stapler – scotch tape – mouse pad – speaker wire – phone cord.

It’s ON!

4 thoughts on “It’s My FOOD!

  • Yup, same thing happened to me at my work…some fat obese snob decideds that she’s hungry and takes my damn food. Caught her on the act too, and had a talk with her…she worked in Extraction, so had to talk to her Manager there…Manager didn’t do a damn thing because they are buddies.

    Work sucks, I’m finding me a new job.

  • This happened to us at a job I had once. turned out it was the custodian–and he was diagnosed as high-functioning autistic…it was like a compulsion he had. Mystery solved…and we kind of felt bad about being so angry.

  • Wow, you work at a job where it's safe to put stuff in the fridge,,,,I never put anything in the fridge because I saw someone sneeze while they were bent down looking in the fridge, didn't even bother to turn their head. Then they grabbed some lunch; which may or may not have been their lunch and walked away. My friend had her home-made lunch stolen, when she told our boss the response was "that happens to me sometimes" and gave her a coupon to get some garbage out of the vending machine.

  • This is an easy problem to fix! When you make your sandwich, meal, or whatever it is you are putting in the fridge … mix some dirt, hot peppers, or a whole lot of salt in there. Then sit and wait….

    Sure, you have to go without lunch, or buy it somewhere for the day, but it’s TOTALLY worth it to get revenge. I used the dirt … it was AWESOME!

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