Moping Around

In this day and age, we need to be thankful we have jobs.I have one employee who mopes around continuously and hates her life. No one has forced her to work here. We all get burned out from time to time but, damn. Maybe if you came to work and spread good cheer instead of my life sucks, it might improve morale. It does tend to drain you when you dread seeing what is wrong every single fucking day. I know that people have bad patches but surely, somewhere, you have laughed at least a little!! I get so tired of working with people who think they are still teenagers when in actuality, they are in their damn thirties! Grow up and be thankful for what you have.

1 thought on “Moping Around

  • I work with a guy like that, Monday is horrible, he is super moody, worse than pms, all he does is moan- this place sucks-I didn't sleep good last night because of this place-I hate it here- etc. Do you think I like coming to work everyday, enough already. And all he does besides that is tell everyone he's retiring in 477 days,476 days, 475 days, get the picture, do me a favor and just fuckin leave already, by Friday he gets a little better, but not much.

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