5 Ways to Deal with an Angry Boss

Let’s be honest there are going to be days when your manager/boss is angry and it can difficult to get your job done so here are five ways to deal with an angry boss.

1. Become invisible

This is the hardest thing to do but if you can stay out of the war path of your boss than you won’t feel the wrath.

2. Become the best friend.

This is the complete opposite of #1  and will make you privilege to some information about your coworkers – this can backfire down the road.

3. Become the go-to worker.

This one is tough because you’ll get slammed with work but can be beneficial down the road, if you can make it.

4. Become the solution


This is great if you can figure out WHAT exactly is making your boss angry.

5. Become the focal point of the aggression


Yes, seriously. If you can divert the anger to you and off your coworkers you could be the office hero, but beware as this could backfire…and get you fired. That’s why its last.

Do you have a situation where your boss is angry and want to vent? Tell your story and let everyone know how you cope with it or you can read others stories of their boss here.

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