Top 10 Annoying Coworkers

I know there are probably thousands of types of annoying coworkers out there but figured I would try and nail down the top 10. Please feel free to let me know if I missed one you think should be on the list in the comments below.

1. The Suck-Up:

There is nothing worse when a coworker is your bosses butt buddy, literally. Then when they try to have some type of power over you even when you both started around the same time.

2. The Lazy Ass:

This is the flip side to the suck-up. This is that coworker who doesn’t do anything and you can’t figure out for the life of you who he’s having sex with to keep his job.

3. The Smoker:

There is nothing wrong with smoking however when you come in from your break and smells like you never put out your cigarette then we have a problem.

4. The Break Room Nazi:

That annoying coworker who is pops out of nowhere to inform you that your lunch from yesterday is STILL in the fridge and is taking up room from the rest of the staff.

5. The Last Cup-o-Coffee:

There is nothing worse then coming into work on Monday morning only to find a couple drips of coffee left mixed with some grounds. Make another pot DAMMIT!

6. The Everything Is Important:

This is that coworker who wants a damn medal for doing their job and feels like they are going out of there when you request something from them.

7. The Office Slut:

There is nothing wrong with some office romance but when find some panties in the copier or a used condom in the bathroom stall it has gone too far.

8. The Clock Watcher:

It’s Friday afternoon around 4:

30 and you with some coworkers decide to hit up happy hour only to be stopped, “Where you guys going – its not 5 yet”.

9. The Include-r:

You have your group of coworkers who you go out to lunch/happy hour with but making mention of those plans around this person and you now have a tag-along.

10. The Topper:

Don’t tell your story of what happened over the weekend or something your kid has done because this coworker has done it all!

What did I miss – anything you think should be on the list?

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Annoying Coworkers

  • The Entitle-r: The one who has worked there so long as The Lazy Ass, he now feels he is entitled to be a manager yet cannot figure out why he is not.

  • You missed the broad that won't come in but a few times a month. you missed the one that takes adavantage of the system and signs up for short term disability which is 90 days btw. which means others have to do your job while you keep your position in tact while you are gone. you missed the taker. she takes everything including petty cash. yeah she returns it at some point, but she took it in the first place…

    • There’s also the Control Freak:

      The one who wants to do everything while witholding information from other co- workers who will inevitably have to ASK him for help so that he can proceed to complete it himself making the rest of look awkward and inept. The one who thinks his job is more important than anyone else’s and who cannot take time to explain things so that the TEAM can succeed – leaving the rest of us underutilized and useless.

  • The Constant Victim: Who can’t bear to do her work because she is constantly crying in someone’s office or makes HR have a meeting with the whole department because she feels left out of projects because she doesn’t input work into them. She is constantly complaining that she doesn’t get enough credit for the work other’s do because she is part of the department and the department should get the credit, not the individual. She is constantly upset that she gets in trouble for being 2 hours late everyday (with a starbucks) and comes in crying and unprepared-but afterall, it’s not her fault she’s in a bad relationship and has a whole life story to tell everyone. Then leaves early because she’s been so upset all day and unable to do her work and the whole team has to pick up her workload. But somehow, she still has a job at the company because everyone feels so bad for her and her five million imaginary problems.

  • What would you call the big ambition-er, the one who takes credit for everyone else’s work and tries to look indispensable in a desperate attempt to take on a management role without having any of the skills to actually get there.

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