It’s Black Friday I Get It

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and personally I can’t wait for it – not for the food and family but to actually get away from my coworkers. Then of course is the day after which has been dubbed “Black Friday the suppose day of savings if you are willing to get up at the crack of dawn. Better yet right after you eat some turkey go camp out at your local retail store.

I say all that to tell you about a coworker of mine who is obsessed with Black Friday. She has been cutting out ads and telling everyone her schedule. It sounds quite sad. She is planning on starting out at stores that open up at midnight Thanksgiving day and from the description she doesn’t plan on stopping until Friday night.

Now, I could care less what my coworkers do on their free time but when it interrupts projects at work that we are working on then it has officially crossed the line. We are currently wrapping up some year end projects and she checks her email every time a new ad is released. You always know when its a good deal because she does this this big shriek that is ear piercing.

This happens every year and yet it always catches me off guard. It’s pretty sad when she looks forward to this each year and turns into a giddy teenager. I think I’ll treat myself (and the rest of my coworkers) with some earplugs.


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