Twillight, BITE ME already!

Would you please stop with the Eddie, Jakkie thing already! I am sick to death of this constant analyzing of the books and the movie!  Only Siskel and Ebert can do that, and at that point I WANT TO watch them talk, it’s my choice!

You three should all join an online chat room during work hours, because guess what?!! You don’t friggin do any work!!!! I am gonna blow gasket! I try all the subtle hints: immediately leaving my desk when the brady bunch begins to assemble, typing or actually banging on my keyboard to drown out the voices, leaving the room to stand in front of my bosses office to read the bulletin board until they leave… Nothing works!  My boss doesn’t even look up from the desk to see why I am standing in the hall for 10 minutes!  Am I in the twilight zone??

Eddie, I need a bite babe.  That way I can put these wannabe commentators outta there misery!

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