She Pig Who Ruins My Day

I’m so glad I can use curse words on this site, cause I’m gonna need ’em, lots of them.

I have a great job.  It’s not something I want to do forever but it works out perfectly for me while I finish up school.  When I first started nearly three years ago there was an open position and a friend of mine found out.  He asked me if I could help his wife get the job whom I was aquainted with through my previous job however I had never actually worked with, only ran into casually.  Of course I said I would do what I could being that he and I were friends and I wanted to help him out by helping her out.  After she filled out the paperwork I was asked by my new boss if she would be a good hire.  I said “yes” and that was that, she was in, (sigh).

At first she was easy to deal with, she was new and still being shown the ropes so it was ok that she screwed up some minor things plus it was nice having someone there that I knew.  After a few weeks she began to get really comfortable there and started opening up a little, and then alot.  She would tell me things that I didn’t need to hear.  She came in one Monday and let me know that during the weekend she had “gotten waxed”.  I was disgusted.  If she was even somewhat attractive I might have enjoyed the comment but the reality is that she is a large, large woman, shaped like a pear and waddles when she walks.  She hit on me a few more times and then stopped when I started to ignore her completely.  Since then she has turned into a do-nothing and does het best to dodge work whenever possible.

She comments on everyones conversation whether she has been invited or not.  She gorges on fastfood every day despite her clear obesity problem and is very rude with our customers.  She has this little cough she rattles off every five minutes or so and I think she does it without thinking but it’s still annoying because I know it’s not real, just an attention getter.

When she’s not butting in on somebodys conversation or faking little coughs, she’s clearing her throat, over and over as if there is some massive ball of phlemn caught in her dino-throat.  She cannot, will not stop playing on her fucking iPhone even when cutomers are standing right in front of her waiting to be helped, she does not answer phones because she has no clue as to what she is doing and doesn’t want to be faced with a challenge.  She has zero tolerance for minorities, which we get alot of in this industry, thus when working with one causes her to act out like a complete bitch.

I could go on for hours about her obnoxious persona.  I wish she would just get fed up with her job and quit cause my boss is too much of a pushover to fire her and she certainly knows she won’t find another job where she can slack off as much as she does and still get away with it.

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