Lil’ Miss Know It All

I’ve worked for the same company for over 4 1/2 years. I started at the bottom of the barrell and have now worked my way up to a seniority position. While I typically get along with my co-workers, there is one chick in my office that just rubs me the wrong way! Not only is she the boss’ niece, but from the get go she pranced around here like she owned the place. Not to mention her nose is constantly up in the air on top of being buried in the manager’s ass!

She’s been employed here for 6 months and already feels she has every right to get buck with people in positions above hers. She is a glorified scanning clerk with little to no responisibilty whatsoever but thinks that this place would crumble to the ground without her. Music is banned in the office yet Miss Prissy is ‘allowed’ to wear her headphones all day(when she’s not on her high horse barking orders at everyone of course). She’s a poser ass biactch that is only hating because I dress better, have been here longer and am just flat out more awesome than she will ever be period!

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