Rude, Arrogant “Daddy’s Girl”

There are several co-workers of mine that I cannot stand, but this one is one of the worst.  Daddy owned the company (he’s now bumped down to VP) so that’s basically the only reason she has the management position she has, because of Daddy.

She’s extremely rude – will say hi to you one day, the next completely ignore you, and is so arrogant and conceited that she thinks the sun rises and sets in her yoohoo. She talks in a high-pitched squeaky voice and sounds like she’s running out of steam by the time she finishes a sentence, like it’s just too difficult to talk.  She’s got a sister that works in the office with us, and she’s equally rude and VERY conceited also. In fact the whole family is (ESPECIALLY the father).  I normally don’t think bad on people, but I would just LOVE to see her bumped out of her job and have to really struggle for her job like so many have had to get the jobs ON THEIR OWN, not because Daddy got it for her.

Take it from someone who has lived it – do NOT work for a company that is family owned!  NO GOOD can come from that!

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