*this post is brought to you by Jar Sergeant*

There’s a reason we have standards in the military. Especially in a wartime environment here in Afghanistan. I work with these fat bastards that get by on medical profiles that waive their participation in PT tests and evaluations. Those “medical” conditions cost all of us tax money and hinder our mission due to the possibility these fat bastards can’t run to the fight or handle business when they need to. I hate looking at them in uniform… its a disgrace. when I retire I plan on growing the most pompous spare tire seen by the faces of man… but right now, as an American fighting man, defending our national interests and the beliefs that keep us free… I’ll stay fit to fight and try to embody that ass kicking mentality. The only pleasure i get is knowing that someone back in the world is definitely railing these fat bastards’ wives! Thanks for letting me vent, America.

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