I hate 3 of my co-workers!

*brought to you by Bartender*

I bartend most Fridays and Saturdays, and ever since there was a blow up at work and I swore at one for behaving terribly in a situation there has been crap, the two others have jumped on the bandwagon and playing martyrs, they think that if i dont dance like and idiot and kiss major ass that i’m not having fun, maybe they do the job for fun, im there to earn money so that i can have what i consider is fun! well mostly im just keeping up with the rent and bills etc but why can i go to a job do my work and thats it, why all this other bs or pussy’s who have to complain, and make me feel like im a negative bitch, when im genuine, if im bein nice smiling or laughing its GENUINE, not because I have to or I should, so if im quiet thats fine, why cant they see what idiots many customers are.

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