Hulk angry. Hulk smash a bitch.

*this post is brought to you by Too new to not be nice*

My coworker, who has decided to already bash me after six weeks of working there simply because I left a half hour early one day (and who is constantly on dating websites at work), asked me about a converter box for a television. Being new and not needing either of mine, I kindly offered her one. I had forgotten it the next day as it was not on my priority list. She asks to pick it up at my house, as it’s for a guy with no job or drivers license that she just met onĀ (at work of course). Johnny no job is being picked up to brought to her house for the weekend. I agree to meet her out after I have dinner with my family, telling her I will call her when I’m finished. I get 2 nasty voicemails saying she is waiting for me before I’ve even finished my dinner. Box delivered, problem solved, or so I believe. Today I get texts asking for the cord and remote. I told her to go buy a cord and that there is no remote. Zero response. The audacity of this bitch is killing me. It is literally impossible to be nice any longer.

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