Secret Squirrel Meetings and Other BS

Well I have been with my job for over 5 years, but recently took on a new position within the company that I seriously hate. However, I can’t go back to my prior position because of burning bridges and stuff. So, I am stuck on the graveyard shift with these two ignorant, racist, loudmouthed banshees and I have visions of knocking the shit out of both of them.

During my time in the hellhole, these two chicks repeatedly question me about loving country music. Yes, I am white and my co workers are black. They seem to think that because I am white that I enjoy banjos, bird calling, and tattooing swaztikas on other white people. I, for the record, don’t like any of the above-mentioned pasttimes. In fact, I hate country and bluegrass music with a passion. Anyway, the banshees have to get up every night and dance because we have no higher up supervision at night. One night they decided to find Garth Brooks (who is really irritating) and play him loudly. One of them (head banshee)started doing some Appalachian cousin screwing dance to his music that made me feel as though I was being picked on. I guess this hooker has never worked with white people or just hates them. I am not really sure.

The other night she stated that I didn’t watch a particular tv show because the whole cast is black (which is untrue – there are white people on this show) and I don’t like black people. Needless to say, this dumb bitch almost got clocked for her trouble. I then told her she needed to find a filter between her mouth and her fucking brain real quick. She is constantly saying shit like this and I have reached the point where I may make a complaint. She and her #2 banshee talk about me when I am out of the room as if I can’t tell when I come back in . Dumbasses! I would really like to just come to work one day with a “Fuck You” attitude and tell them to put me back where I came from or I quit.

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