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Today I had to move my desk due to a decision that was apparently made without my input. The woman tried to sugarcoat the move, repeatedly telling me how “great” it would be. When I asked why I was moving, no reply. Just more how fucking GREAT it would be. Come to find out, its because she wanted her little co-signer next to her. They had a meeting and decided my fate weeks ago. Well what they forgot to include in their little meeting, that I could have added, is that there are no internet or phone connections at my new desk. None. So now I am sitting here unable to work because someone decided to be proactively stupid. Cant even answer the phone. Fucking Geniuses. I had to move my entire desk in an afternoon, including computer, files, other people’s files. I explained to them that I couldnt work before I touched a piece of paper… but heres the thing…I’ve already been bitched at for not getting my work done because of their oversight. And they wonder why im sitting here pissed at them.  SMH. FML.

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