I just got hired into this new company as a  P/T employee and I feel like other employees (F/T, ofcourse!) are treating me as if I am an alien from another planet! I feel so left-out, nobody would talk to me unless they want me to cover the phone for them or do something for them. Recently, there was some dinner party and all the employees from my dept. were going to attend and I didnt even have a clue! 🙁

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  • I worked at this office for 13 years and for some reason the women find it very hard to wish me a happy birthday or a baby shower. Every year I’ve watched them collect money for a card a cake and gifts for whoever is having a birthday or a baby. I give money and I am very generous with gifts. I have tried to make people happy and sometimes get involved with their problems and talk about our kids. One co-worker in particular who cries and is rude seems to get all the attention and the moment I walk in no one talks to me since she does not like me. I just do my job and leave.

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