Hate Them All

*this post is brought to you by Melissa*

I dont even know where to start I work with a group of 5 women and I dont like any of them the main one I dont like I’ll call her B1 she thinks she is so smart and is a total kiss ass and always tries to correct me in front of people even my patients. now B1 is suppose to be best friends with B2, but B2 is a complete idiot and talks about everyone including B1 behind their backs. And B3 is the most annoying person I’ve ever met she always talks down to people and tries so hard to fit in with B1 & B2 but it’s really obvious and she just looks stupid. And then B4 she is not as bad as the others but I dont like her either she is really quiet and has no real experience makes alot of mistakes and for some reason I always take the fall for her because she was never properly trained so when she fucks up they always ask me how come I didnt show her how to do it, I want to say because I’m not her fuckin boss and if she could talk maybe she would ask me to show her.

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