Evil Co-workers

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I truly hate my co-workers. I’m really start to think that there evil. I am a quiet person, but I don’t think that’s a reason to talk crap about me behind my back. I deal with them mocking me everyday and the son of a bitches think that I don’t see it. I work in an office now, but I have work in manufacturing work too and it’s all the same mean co-workers. I had alot of jobs and it’s all the same.

1 thought on “Evil Co-workers

  • I feel for you. This psychotic woman joined me at work and it’s non-stop complaining. She’s manipulating and threatens to quit about 100 times but never does. Her name is syn to evil…mean it. Evil talks but doesn’t listen. She’s doing exactly what she accused me of doing. I believe that she has schizophrenic tendencies. In addition, Ms. Weak, my other co-worker ,slow without any spine, is afraid so she does everything and agrees to what Evil tells her. A couple of LIARS. I’ll keep hoping that they get and judged by the higher power. I believe in KARMA; someday, they will get what’s coming to them.

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