Fire the stupid …. already

Ok. So I have worked for this same company for about 5 1/2 yrs now. I love what I do but I can not stand my co-worker. She use to be my supervisor til I got her ass in trouble & demoted.

Well,  even tho she is not my supervisor I still have to work with her. I hate the fact that I work my ass off all day long cause frankly that is what I get my payed to do. I have a much higher work ethic than she ever will. I feel like she is stealing from the company but not using her time to get work done. I don’t like being micro-managed, but someone needs to take the blinders off I see what a lazy, moody, bi*** she really is. Wonder if she’ll be there tomorrow. She is notorious for calling in on Fridays….Damn drunk ass whore. I will be soooo happy when they finally fire her ass!

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