I work with this person, she is so annoying!!!  She actually came to work drunk and 20 minutes late to boot, and told everyone about it many times, the boss is her best friend, so he goes to lunch with her, she is still drunk, or on drugs, maybe both and guess what, she gets into an accident with the boss in the car with her!!! Of course the manager doesn’t tell the big boss what happened, and she gets to keep her job.  What is up with that!!!! She is a mean bully and she yells at everyone and makes fun of them constantly.  I don’t understand how she gets away with all this.  I want to wrap my hands around her neck and squeeze until her eyeballs pop out of her ugly freakin face!!!

1 thought on “OMG!!!

  • Whoa! Now that is bold! Unbelievable! I know how ya feel, but try to hang in there until you can get outta there! Just like the rest of us…

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