You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Once again, the court reporter and the ‘Duh’ co-worker think that it is ok to resume their 15 to 20 minute morning discussions about the night before. The court reporter walks in and out of my office several times, [I share my office with 2 other people] bringing back scraps of paper and other tidbits that she wishes to share with ‘Duh’.  Look at my grocery bill she says, “I paid 3.89 for bread at the publix near my house and 3.49 at the one down the street, I got ripped off!” They both look at all the items listed on her grocery receipt and discuss them one by one.  She walks out of the office.  She comes back with greeting cards that she bought for her nephew and her sister and proceeds to explain why she picked these particular cards and what it will mean when they receive these cards from her.  The next 10 minutes continues in the same manner. Hey!  Would you both get a life or take your discussions to the break room!  I mean give me a break! I gave up cussing and getting red in the face due to dumb people, but working here sure gives new meaning to old curse words! You think if I walked by her desk and punched my fist into her banana she would take a hint?

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