Suck Up, bathmouthing, sloppy work, stupid and liar

The title pretty much sums it up.  I contracted with a company for 5 months and hoped and prayed that they would hire me for the job but they chose another lady.  One of the bosses called me about six months later and said that she overstated her skills and really wasn’t all she said she was on her resume.  So, they changed her title from paralegal to legal administrator.  After from what I told being called in for her performance for the second time, they called me back to the job and gave me the paralegal title.  The most annoying thing about her is she is the bosses lap doggy.  She is the biggest suck up.  Although even after being back there, I have seen numerous occasions where her work was either very sloppy or flat out wrong.  The boss hits delete when he gets emails as our department shares a common email address for picking up requests.  She gets all of the easy ones, I get all of the complicated brain buster headaches.  She spends the first hour of work talking to various co-workers who stop by her cube (can you say annoying)  She talks way to fucking loud, and partly because the boss is hard of hearing.  When you call her out on a mistake, she blames others.  Another co-worker said she badmouthed me saying that she didn’t think I knew what i was doing and didn’t think I was a “good fit” for the company.  I thought for sure they would fire her after hiring me, but the boss is in love with her, I don’t get it.  She does substandard work even on the easiest tasks.  SHe acts like she is always sooooo busy, but what the fuck is she doing over there I haven’t a clue.  The other bosses incessant complaining about her also starts to get under my skin as it takes away from my productivity, and the big boss just will NOT broom her.  We all wonder if she is sucking his *&%*^%.  But here is the real thorn in my side, the other boss that hates her told me how much she makes. (not exactly, she took me into the room, pointed at the file cabinet her file was in, and stood by the door to make sure no one was coming).  This killed me, she makes MORE  THAN A THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH MORE THAN ME.  Now, she gets all the simple work, screws around 1/2 the day socializing, and is loud and disruptive while I tackle more serious and complicated work, all trying to concentrate and focus over the sound of her BIG MOUTH. Oh, and the boss that is on my side in this scenario, on maternity leave, so I get keep up with her work to.  Its like being on survivor island with no alliance.  The injustice.  It sucks!

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