Gollum….you are right….everyone does hate you!

Dear Gollum, it makes me laugh that you think everyone hates you, is it because you are loud, obnoxious, rude? You are constantly yelling on the phone, then you get upset when someone puts thier phone on speaker…jeez you tell me, how loud are they? What? you are the loudest person here!!! Keep taking your clients out to expensive places then call the bank to report your credit card stolen, “oh they ordered a $300 bottle of wine, lobster and kobe steak”!! “Oh they went to saks 5th ave and ordered a hugo boss suit?” what, my cc was stolen!! Yea right bitch, you are just trying to impress, but the reality is I think you live in one of your rentals and probably steal everything in our refrigerator….so yea you are right…everyone does hate you!

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