Grow Up

I hate my 50 something year old bully coworker.
She is rude, aggressive, judgmental, her flip flops make annoying sound when she walks, she has the worst case of resting bitch face ever, and to top it off she’s a union rep, which preaches respect for all coworkers blah blah blah. She claims to be a witch and into mindfulness and meditation, but she is just a fat nasty toxic person.

1 thought on “Grow Up

  • Thank you for your post- I came here after a horrid week and pretty much a horrid two years of working in an office with someone exactly like you described, minus the union rep part. She’s loud, aggressive, talks and disrupts others all day long, never takes responsibility for her behavior yet throws others under the bus, and is just an overall toxic pig of a human who claims to follow “The Secret” and says the universe is in charge of everything- well I hope she gets ready for a big dose of karma from the universe! Thanks again for your post, it helped me realize I am not alone!

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