I Hate My Co Workers

I work in a support role at my job and although I enjoy the job that I do…it’s my co workers to include management that I have allowed to annoy me. The actual general manager is extremely egotistical a little sexist racist homophobic hillbilly who at heart is deeply insecure and those insecurities manifest into him being a bully. I feel as though the boss is in competition with the employees. If your boss constantly brags about everything he does that’s right, but in reality it’s usually wrong, or loves to embarrass you and to garner giggles from his ass kissers , then you’re in trouble. If you have a boss who loves to build you up and then tear you down in front of others, you’re in trouble. Or one who stirs the pot of drama and competition. The assistant manager is no better as the “am” goes along with any and everything the general manager says and does. It also doesn’t help that the “am” is at times emotionally unstable, another person who stirs the pot of drama, and will gossip with employees about other employees, or foster friendships wirh employees that end up with favoritism. We have several snitches amongst the employees, as well as one particular employee who keeps drama, gossip, negative energy, low level bullying, and backbiting on a never ending cycle, and all employees follow right along with it. Majority of the staff are women which entails nitpicking, constant sarcasm, consistent back biting, alot of crocodile tears, lying, bragging, alot of attention needed and required, as well as alot of ass kissing. I’ve had run ins with just about everybody because they all get off on being a bully or being a bitch. It’s exhausting and draining to have to deal with this. I work with selfish greedy attention seeking assholes whom I loathe and who don’t like me due to The harassment I get daily. The money and my love of the job keeps me there, but also the fact that I refuse to allow anyone to run me from my job. I literally hate all of my co workers for various reasons that I could write several books (lol). There are five whom I literally despise and would love norhing more than to kick their asses, but of course being the cunts and assholes they are, they’d call the police. It’s alot of manipulation that occurs, alot of the bully playing victim and throwing things back on you. Alot of lying, alot of school yard scrap, I really hate it there, I hate my coworkers. I hate how they try and talk down to me or walk all over me. I stand up for myself but I’m still made out to be a joke. There have been racial remarks, off the cuff remarks, even had a member of management curse at me on the floor in public. I’m always told I’m being sensitive or taking things personal of which I’m not, things are personally being said to me…but now I probably sound like a victim. I’m just venting. I work with some of the worst people known to earth. I literally hate every single one of my co workers.

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