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I have worked with a group of friends for a while. I am second in command at a company and have a close and usual understanding with my boss and other workers. Recently someone who works under me has sent me an aggressive email regarding one of my ideas, this guy is constantly lieing and trying to over step my position at the company. Even though i know it’s taboo this guy along with others are considered a friend… Or used to anyway. His emails got progressively more aggressive and degrading due to my gender in a male dominated field and he has gone as far as to bring my personal life into our arguments. I don’t know how to bring this up to my boss because i don’t want to look like the bad guy pointing fingers as we are all friends. Things are getting so bad i am considering switching jobs because i am still young and in school with my life ahead of me. The company i am with i nearly created only with the help of my boss but with the constant fighting with  this worker the passion i once had in this field is gone. From having a job i once enjoyed i can not stand to be put down by this guy or be treated with his passive aggressive behavior any longer. I know im not the only one dealing with this sort of problem and need some advice. This is my first job and i am at a high position but just dont know if i can deal with the stress of communicating with the other worker. Do i stay or do i go?

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