I HATE the bitch I work with

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Thank God I found a place to rant. I HATE this bitch I work with. She is a snooty, stuck up, phoney, over the top, drama queen, exaggerating, uselss, lying, nosey, piecef trash. Among other things. She overreacts to everything. She is extrmely neurotic and forces her neurosis on everyone. Sh’s only been with the company 6 monthand thinks everyone should adapt to her way of ┬ádoing things. She was like that on DAY ONE. How can you start a new job and start complaining immediately and asking everyone to change their procedues to accomodate YOU? She makes personal calls, LOUDLY, from her desk throughout the day, everyday. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR EYE APPOINTMENT, COLONOSCOPY, OR FAMILY DRAMA. For real – she calledher doctor and discussed colonoscopy procedures and appointments in front of us with no shame. Every day she stays late so she can get over time pay. She does’t need to stay late and she’s been spoken to about this, but she keeps doing it and she does payroll, so she just keeps paying herself extra for screwing around an extra 10-30 minutes. She asks extremely dumb questions and has no common sense or logic. She expects everyone to do things her way and is the least adaptable person I’ve ever encountered. My opinion is that she spent the past 25 YEARS working a home for a small business, and just can’t function at an actual workplace. She looks like gollum. She says rude and random offensive comments to everyone. It took her months to learn how to use the phone. Her filing “system” is pathetic and if our bosses ever bothered to look at it, they ould be horrified at the lack of work or thought that went into it. It’s truly ridiculous. She hasa VERY high opinion of herself, which is always a fun quality to be around. She’s actually extremely insecure and refuses to take blame for things and throws other people under the bus. She can’t handle anyone having a less than perfect opinion of her. She got an average review, instead of a glowing one and got a nose bleed lol. She considers herself an actor and lists that as her occupation on facebook even though the only thing she’s ever done is have a few bit parts in random training films. She’s weasels her way into conversations she has no business in and pretends she’s an authority, then gives out incorrect information. She’s dying to be more important than she is. She insists on pronouncing croissant as “cwason'”, or use your imagination for how it would sound in an over the top french accent. She copies everyone on every email she receives and every response she issues, no matter how unimportant it is or how little it has to do with anyone else. I DON’T NEED TO KNOW EVERTHING YOU SAY TO ANYONE EVER. She will copy me on emails where all it truly says is “Thank you.” She seriously needs a foot up her ass. She is all about appearances and appearing that she is well connected in the community. If she knows one random person, she will name drop at any opportunity. She moved her 2 years ago but thinks everyone who lives her is stupid. She likes to remind people that she took a “HUGE” pay cut to work here and then complains about what we pay her. First of all, your company you worked for went bankrupt and you were out of a job an unemployed for months before our boss regretfully hired you, so NO – you did not take a pay cut to be here. You took what you could get. If she doesn’t like it, then I would hope she would just leave. Id be so happy to see that day come. Fuck her.

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