I reached a level if hate I never thought I could reach

This idiot I work with I will just call J is the most annoying person I have ever fucking met. Here is a simple list of shit he does.

Slurps his coffee and eats loudly.

Listens to shitty sports radio everyday and gets annoyed if you listen to actual music thats not some gay shit from the 60s or obese fuckwits who think they know sports.

Scream sneezes like he is fucking goku summoning a spirt bomb

Belches constantly like rick on rick and morty

Snitchs on the dumbest shit coworkers do. While sneaking out early and stealing shit from the office.

He sings like the stupidest shit you could think of like ” slap that booty slap that moma some city girl was born in the Bahamas” what the fuck even is that. And his stupid OCD ass has repeated this shit for like 3 years.

He screams out greetings like a fucking troglodyte. Ex MANDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and hold it like like a damn soccer announcer screaming goal.

He is incapable of having a normal conversation. With his stupid child like mentality banging on desk and making fart noises while I’m trying to get work done.

He locks his private microwave up in the office because someone spilled something in it one time. He locks office supplies with his own locks to keep coworkers from getting to it. So you have to interact with numb nuts when you need something.

He forces his work on other people cuase he thinks he is such hot shit and cant be bothered with it.

He wont fucking retire after zayimg he would every god damn year.

This mother fucker makes me want to blow my fucking brains out.

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