Well, it’s not an actual insane asylum, but you wouldn’t know that if you could observe what goes on at my job. I’m one of the few people at my job who takes work seriously. I get praised for my work, but unfortunately, management turns a blind eye to the laziness and stupidity of everyone else. There’s constant laughter, and people making stupid noises. It drives me up a wall! Some say it’s just people being happy. To me, it’s people acting like idiots. The way the act, it’s like they take NOTHING seriously. There’s one person in particular at work who irks me. He has two speech impediments, a stutter and a lisp, is slow and lazy in doing his work, and is among the worst as far as goofing off! I feel trapped in my job because I know I can’t say in a job interview, “I want a new job because I hate my co-workers. ” The way they all act makes me want to scream! I don’t feel guilty when I say this: while I’d never do anything to these people myself (as I don’t want to end up unemployed or in jail), I wish serious bodily harm on the most annoying people. Like wishing for a plague to target them specifically. Now, there are a handful of co-workers I find tolerable. But unfortunately, most of them are useless, lazy people who don’t know how to behave. The people who make the stupid noises, I hope they laugh themselves to death! And the lisp-voiced stutterer, I wish someone would throw acid on him!

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