I Work For High School Girls

I don’t really know what else to say, honestly. In reality they are all women in their late 40s and only one of them is technically my boss but we all kinda work together and the three Senior Managers just go at it like high school mean girls. Basically there are 3 teams(and 3 correlating Sr.Managers): mine (team of 4) Manager 2’s team (team of 2) and Manager 3’s team (team of like 30)….. they are constantly talking behind eachother’s backs/bitching/making fun of eachother…. etc. rarely anything work related, either.

Cultivates a very unprofessional atmosphere and I’ve noticed a major trickle-down effect throughout the teams. My team only has 4 members which is pretty cool because it makes it a lot easier to stay out of. Just keep my head down, kick ass at my job and socialize as minimally as possible. but ANY TIME I try to be friendly/learn about other people’s roles in neighboring teams it becomes this huge issue and everyone starts shit talking. My team takes it personally that I’m straying outside of our small (and honestly VERY annoying) group (2 of the 3 on my team are among the worst at keeping everyone divided/thinking we’re better than other teams. It’s been a real shit show. And honestly….. I don’t even like my team all that much. 1 person is okay. can tell she’s been in the role too long. She’s very obviously overqualified and has the attitude to match. really just wish she’d apply for a promotion/more technical role already. I really like her, honestly. I feel her pain. but the attitude adds to an already troubled team. the 2nd person is LITERALLY the LAZIEST person I have met at this company (worked here about 2yrs now and have seen a LOT so this says something). He also just sucks at our job tbh. Is constantly weeks behind on emails, never works his shit within SLA… literally pushes the entire team back due to his inability to perform even the most menial tasks. and the 3rd is good at her job but is just a huge bitch to LITERALLY everyone. she thinks she’s more important than she is and condescending to both everyone on our team (including our boss) and people on other teams.

Basically, my job is cool and chill. really fucking easy (too easy) but my team of fucking BITCH ASS COWORKERS sucks hardcore. Can’t even pretend to care about their bullshit today.

And I believe this all comes down from the managers. They need to get their shit together and start leading by example. this is UNfreakingBELIEVABLE.

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