I work with a bossy homewrecker and I’m one of the two people who knows

I work for a small firm. My coworker does have seniority over me and a few others; however, she is nowhere close to being a partner, managing director, etc. She is extremely bossy because she’s never had to actually work her way up in a company. Her first (previous) job was straight out of college. She slept with and started a relationship with her boss who was 30+years her senior, so naturally, she was immediately given a senior role at the firm. Ten years with that company and her boyfriend/boss/sugar daddy died, so the firm closed. She found a husband shortly after who is nothing more than a paycheck and had a baby with him. She then took a position at our firm where she flirts with the partners, specifically the one close to her age.

She sends requests out at closing time, when she’s leaving, so a subordinate has to do them….all when she could have sent earlier in the day. She expects prompt responses to the emails she sends, but won’t respond to the ones I send. She expects everyone to do everything for her and I’m sick of it.

She’s a bitch and I hate her.

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