No good deed goes unpunished!

I save  you a walk-in because I felt bad that you are not doing any business. Then I realized you are never at work, & expect all big clients to be given to you as if I know if they are real or not when they walk in! Its real estate lady, work it! All you do is complain, bitch and moan. I’m so sick of hearing your whiney voice complain. So I saved you this walk in (which I shouldn’t have) and it come back to bite me in the ass. Do you think I care that he came into the office to lie to say that you never called him!! Then you send him an email saying I said that! Then you show me, the email has my name on it!! Are you stupid? Is that the reason you have been in real estate for nearly 20 years and don’t have a pot to piss in?

And I love the phone calls from you, call 1 -Im leaving to get something to eat, call 2-I’m back, call 3-did the client call? call 4- he said he would call. call 5-Did anyone walk in? OMG are you serious?

It will be the last time I do you a good deed. Complain bitch & moan all you want, I am not a freakn kindergarten teacher. you brokers are not 5 years old, yet when I leave at the end of the day, I feel like I have dealt with children all day!!I’m not your saviour, I’m not your boss, I freakn just don’t care!!!

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