nosey, slimey, phony, snake-in-the grass tattle-tale

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God help me…..has anyone ever worked with someone who is a mother and grandmother yet has nothing better to but to listen to people’s conversations, twist everything around, run and tell people about it and cause all kinds of trouble? I can’t be the only one dealing with this. I have worked here 10 years, I sit next to a lady who I’ve worked with this whole time. She acts very very nice, you would think she was an angel but she apparently has a very dark side. One day she is asking me how my baby is, the next day she is whispering about me to my other co-workers. I never did one thing to hurt this woman and in these 10 years, she has caused more trouble for me than I care to think about. One day, I was sitting in my cubby-hole working and my boss yanked me into then office. She said I was being too loud….??  Well, my cubicle neighbor who I was fond of, was leaving for good in 3 days, we were giggling at something for about 30 seconds and this old jerk, lets call her, snake, runs and tells my boss she can’t concentrate. I didnt talk all day until those 30 seconds. Meanwhile, this jerk is yakking all day long, making all kinds of noise, joining in everyone’s conversations. She talks more than all of us and it never bothered me. But see, she is so nosey, she listens in to everything. Even when I get up to walk to the printer, her head pops up immediately and she watches me walk because she is THAT nosey. Who the heck cares what their coworkers are doing? I don’t worry about them, I do what I do and for some reason, this woman wants to make my job hell. She has complained about each person on this team several times, you would think by this time, they would notice a pattern. It is making work life extremely difficult for me and the rest of this department. Now, she has so many people mad that no one even talks anymore. I hope it was worth it. If my grandmother was a sneaky kiniving jerk like this, I would be ashamed. This lady has nothing better to do, I guess, than to make this job terrible for people and the bosses just let it continue. I never in my life met someone so phony and such a backstabber in my life. Not even in high school. I hate this lady and I dont know what to do. I dont hate anyone but this lady is really making things hard for me and I’ve had just about enough. She finds reasons to tell on people….why?! What does she get from doing things like this? It is like she is 13 years old….help me before I do something rash

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