Office Bitch

There is a person that I work with that is constantly trying to sabbotage my job by turning in letters of complaints from outside customers, hiding my office keys (if lost, this would be grounds for being fired) and giving the boss a letter stating I’ve done things that aren’t so. Mind you all this is sent anonymously because she doesn’t have proof of any of her antics. I feel I can’t go to the bosses with my suspicions because I do work in a very small office, she is the bookkeeper and since she deals with alot of their money, their feelings would be that it certainly can’t be her doing these things at all, she has never made a mistake in dealing with the finances. I have nowhere to vent to so I started keeping a black book on her and all she does when the boss is away. Paybacks are a bitch and this is one bitch I plan to catch.

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