Pathetic Loser

A temp started in my department a few months ago and I was assigned to help her get on board. I checked in on her the first two days and I couldn’t tell her anything, because she knew it all! Right off the bat she started bragging about her prior work record (she has not worked anywhere more than two years because she is so ugly, inside and out). She complained about everything, acted like she deserved special treatment, even told me how I should be doing a couple of my tasks! Very pushy and insecure, asking a lot of nosey questions and turning everything into a competition with me. She poked the wrong bear! She got into the habit of standing at my desk yacking for 10 – 15 minutes about her personal life: how she hadn’t slept the night before because she had an upsetting phone call from her brother; how her sister is a crack head; how great she is because she volunteers for Alzheimer’s, etc., etc. She is short, squat and so homely that she is hard to look at. I finally had to tell her very nicely that she can’t stand at my desk talking because I am too busy, as is everyone else in my department. I could go on and on with specific examples of how awful, insecure and manipulative she is. Suffice to say I had to document her behavior and report it to the correct person, and start completely ignoring her, to get her to finally leave me alone. Others have complained about her as well so I hope she is on her way out.

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