Blaming me for their mistakes

I really can’t deal with their attitudes anymore. I’m the youngest at my work, so they think it’s smart to give me the most responsibilities at work. I just started last summer and have someone that’s supposed to help me while I’m not at work. Anyways. I was gone for 3 weeks and guess what they did? Literally nothing. The place was not clean at all, they ran out on most of the stuff (because I’m usually the one who has to do the shopping) and most importantly they DID NOT help me out with my job. I had to do everything that needed to be done in 2 days?! So since I’m still young, I have a lot of things going on in my personal life. What I mean is I forgot to do a lot of things in these 2 days, but can you blame me?! They did not check any orders of the clients, one client called today because he’s been waiting for over a month now. I of course did not know what’s going no because I was gone for so long, but it was of course my fault. The other thing is: a client order a new pair of ……., because his were damaged and SOMEONE took the new ones and put them in the store. So it wasn’t even me (I checked the name), and of course it was again MY FAULT. In conclusion, all the things that went wrong, weren’t my mistakes but these of the one that should have done the job for me while I was gone. (sorry if there are any grammatically mistakes I’m writing this out of anger) My boss probably thinks that I’m fckung retarted….
Wish me luck because I can’t take these type of people anymore!

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  • I’m a very similar situation where I’m always the one to blame only to be later discovered that it wasn’t actually me at fault. My coworkers and my boss never takes me seriously yet so far I’ve made most of the good decisions (I make a point, they disregard it, then later still go with it but make it as if it was their idea). Thankfully I already have some other companies lined up for interviews as I literally can’t take it anymore. Wish you the best!

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