I worked with a really selfish person at a restaurant. He would pretend to be busy if you asked for help, yet yell out commands if he got a bit busy on the grill. If he had to work with the rest of us, “excuse me” meant “get the hell out of my way this instant”, even though we are all trying to get work done. Moving so he could get something meant slowing down on our orders. He always steals food and pretends it was the first time, or that he didn’t know. He feels entitled to take, yet will be the first to complain about money. Once during the holidays, on a day with a lot of odd split shifts, the group tips divided somewhat unfairly due to the rules. With an hour shorter shift, this person would lose 1/2 the money. Against the wishes of everyone else, I stood up for him getting a bit more money. Then, he ended up getting way more money than anyone and didn’t say a word, kept it, dispite whining all day when it was the other way around. Lame. He’s still there, talking about his stupid band, even though he can’t play, pretending to be avant garde- “I tune my guitar differently.”

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