shut up already

My co-worker has the loudest voice – I can hear from the back offices so loudly that I can hear every word she says. When she is in her own office next to mine and I am trying to have a phone conversation, I have to put my finger in one ear to hear the person on the phone. She also dates everything she talks about, like December 6, of 1998, or I walked 2.56 miles today or when my kids were 2, 4, 6, no wait they were 3,5,7, no wait – wtf cares!!! She goes on for hours and hours literally and so loudly that I have a migraine. Doesn’t she know that I don’t have the time to hear her boring tales??? Leave me alone. I have finally stopped talking to her at all just to get her to shut up. People make your stories short and to the point – your coworkers will thank you for it!!!

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