Shut up Goofy!

*this post is brought to you by Commando*

I am all for enjoying your job expecially when it’s a customer service position where you are on the phone all day. Yes, perhaps there should be some measure of personal enjoyment since it is such a mundane position…to make the day pass faster you could smile and laugh with the customers which helps you to cope all day with just sitting there on your fat butt eating potatoe chips and drinking pop! But OMG…does your big stupid goofy laugh have to resonate throughout the entire office???  I am just across the hall and can hear the throaty gufaw EVERYDAY!  Don’t I have a right to quiet enjoyment even if I don’t enjoy my job at the moment? Shut up Goofy!  I don’t want to hear you down the hall or have your laughter wafting underneath my door! Maybe if I take my coffe cup and sling it across the office at her throat-maybe then she’ll get the hint?

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