Snake in the grass

I have a coworker/ass manager that is a total scumbag. The kind of guy that kisses ass, throws fellow coworkers under the bus to make himself look good, gets people in trouble/fired for the same mistakes he himself makes. Just a total douche of a human being. Oh, and he’s had sex with one of our other coworkers
(I’ve seen others do this and get demoted, sometimes transferred), which was brought to the attention of the boss and then quietly ignored and swept under the rug.

He’s an incredibly lazy bare minimum kind of worker, but he’s got our boss and a few other employees wrapped around his finger. How he manages to do this is a mystery to me. How the other people here can’t see through his bullshit drives me nuts.

I’m at my wits end with this clown, but there’s nothing I can do about it, he’s got everyone fooled but me, along with a few others. Unfortunately he’s kissed the bosses ass so hard that she can find no fault in him, even though his bullshit has made this work environment a way less pleasant place to work.

2 thoughts on “Snake in the grass

  • I am in the same boat, me and me my scumbag office mate are supposed to work on task as a team. Every morning he asks me what do, how to, type questions, then i explain and he responds oh yeah,.yeah i know, then runs dirextly to our boss and quotes me as if he came up with it. I just found out the last part. Then at the end of , the day all my done and ill ask so how did that work for you, only to find he did nothing. So i have been doing both jobs. I have stopped instructimg him and i dont answer his questions. I tell him you should Google it. Now he has started telling my boss i wont help him It makes me a bad guy.
    He actually said he wants to drag every assignment out as long as he can, and qhen he works from home he takes his.laptop to.the bar or he smokes pot and drinks at home, gets prostitutes. Total POS. But he and our boss are gym buddies and walk around talking like high school kids about everybody. I have started to communicate via email with him and cc others so they see his stupid responses. And in meetings I will ask so how did you fix this or that, as if i wnt to learn when in reakity i did it and he has no clue. Sime people are starting to see what is really going on. The more people in management thst re aware of it the better. They will eventually say something to your boss about him. Just hold on man, headphones, email and font call him on his bs act intersted and let jim lynch himself

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