So done with it!!!!

*this post is brought to you by fed up 101*

I am 54 yrs. old and have been in the food business for over 25yrs. I recently got hired at a catering company doing trays, etc. My co worker is about to drive me over the edge. She is constantly harping on me and picking apart everything that I do. She acts like I don’t know anything. Today , she tried to tell me how to clean the OUTSIDE of the ice machine. She is messy and disorganized and lazy. This girl is 20 yrs. my junior and has no where near the exp. I do, which I think is half her problem, she feels threatned. If she would just chill out, she would probably learn something from me, but you cant tell someone something when they already know everything! Very insecure, flirts and acts unprofessional with the delivery drivers. Im not a prude, but this is a business enviromentand I really dont want to hear how you went home and sat in your underwear and watched t.v. And you only said that because there is a young delivery driver standing right next to you! Very akward and uncomfortable! Anyways, women do not usually do that. And sweetie, I got a newsflash for ya, you are 35. In 15 short years, that crap is not going to work anymore, so you better think of something else. Plus, she will set me up, “go do this”. So I start to do that and she will say, “well maybe you should have waited”. Make up your friggen mind! I don’t think you are cute, I think you are a lil bitch!

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