STFU, You Make Me Sick

Thanks for reading us the definition of “integrity” from the dictionary. Yes, I have integrity and I don’t have to read the definition to know what it means.  You say you can do my job better? It’s been two weeks and you haven’t come down here to do it, I was holding my breath, but then decided I wanted to live and you were too weak to do it anyways.

Yeah, this is a hospital, and let me tell ya, I wouldn’t let my coworkers take care of my dog, much less any of my family.

I bring to you a mistake by your beauty queen poster child at least once a week, a mistake that could have cost a patient life and what do you do? Kiss her ass some more and let her go make another potential deadly mistake.  She doesn’t like you, she just uses your stupid ass to have a job because she’s too stupid and bitchy to keep a job anywhere else. She finally found a push over boss who will let her be her stupid self. And you fall for it.

When I see you at work, I imagine crap smeared all over that fake smile of yours and it helps me cope with you a little longer. One day they’ll walk in here and fire you just like they did the girl before you, and the girl before that. . I will throw a party.

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