Stop trying to be something you are not!

So, we have this younger girl in our office that is sickingly giddy. Her job is Customer Service, but it appears she thinks she’s better suited for Marketing. Even though she has NO experience in Marketing at all. Because she helped with one corporate event, now she’s an expert that puts her two cents in when it’s not called for.

I say, do the job you were hired to do and stop trying to be an expert at something you know nothing about and people actually go to school to learn! And as for the person who thinks he scoring brownie points and possibly getting a little attention from this chick by praising her, get a freaking life dude, you’re a balding, arrogant, stinky breath menace. You really need to brush your teeth! She’s only giving you attention because you’re her superior and you buy the good stuff from her hubby.

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