stupid bitchy coworkers

*this post is brought to you from fed up* 

Hi, well where do i begin? First of all having been in a job that i absolutly hated i finally found a new job which i enjoy but my coworkers are making it so fucking difficult for me. I work in an environment where we take incoming calls so if i ever make a mistake they jump on it like fucking rotweilers and go on about it and just take the piss. They laugh at me all the time. They sit next tohother all the time so they areconstantly whispering to eachother making sure i dont hear. They will happily talk to eachother but not me. Sometimes i get a feeling they are racist. Seriously. I get excluded all the time. Threy ask eachother to lunch all the time but not me why??? . Its not fair, i really like this job but all that happens is that i get taken the piss out of.

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